Split Lip EP

by Red Caravan

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released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Red Caravan Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Final notice
It's my final notice
On the dashboard in the dark
Light up the A.M
With a signal
That nobody knows or pretends to play dumb

Fold up the paper
Make an arrow to your heart
Your bleeding the forest dry
An archway of wood and light

You're splintering like an atomic bomb

Spring into action
Like a flower in the spring
Frost in the gutters
Life is stagnant
Pity my thoughts never make it on time

Swerve up the driveway
Without patience, without lights
You're scaing the neighborhood
Like only the way you could

You're splintering like an atomic bomb

Daybreak will come again
Daybreak will come again
It'll follow me, follow me, follow me home
And then it'll leave me alone
Track Name: Peel away
No reason can hold me
Back from ever biting my tongue in silence
I'm evergreen
And I don't want to be seen at all
Excuses excuses
Piling up on my side of the bed
Truly I'm innocent
But not so innocent anymore


It's time to peel away
And ask for days gone by
To drift into the dark and linger there
This anxiety
Could unravel me
Could define me still
Guess time will tell
Yet I like my cave
Far from everything
Even though I want to peel away
Track Name: Take the escalator
Change of season
And I'm squaring off with what I know
Photographic memory
Double meanings keep you low
Hold a grudge for hours
Mend your heart from down below

Scale the walls
To find
Pure nothingness
If everyone could see
If everyone could be unharmed

Dim the light in heaven
Build a circle in the snow
Faint again and again til you faint a little more
Take the escalator
Mop the cobwebs from the floor

In the blink of a blackened eye
I will see the sky as new
Numbers lost
Numbers found
Track Name: Yawn (told you before)
Land on your feet
You are no longer the enemy
Blueprint your life
Sift your eyes to drain the colour out
Rise into the night
Like it's daytime on the other side

It makes me yawn
The silver sun
Got tangled in the clouds
Hovering about

Wait in your nest
For the sea to wash over
Glow in the dark
For a chance at survival
Split like a pea
When the cold makes you bitter

It makes me yawn
Told you before
To wash the colour out
To live or live without

The rain is falling
And shapes are forming
Step in the collage to keep out of tune
The rain is falling
And shapes are forming
Step in the collage to keep out of tune